Intellect Risk Analyst

The only product that combines Search, Aggregation, Analysis, Visualization & Learning

See How Risk Analyst Works

SEARCH :   Risk Analyst searches information across 1800+ Structured and unstructured data sources. We have  pre-built connectors available in the out-of-box product so you can start using it immediately.  It saves you time looking for information in multiple places and you don't miss out any important data source.
AGGREGATE :  Risk Analyst aggregates data across multiple sources using our proprietary algorithms. You don't have to work out if the review you read on Glassdoor, the website, the tweet and the D&B information is all about the same business. This matching is not just across 1 or 2 sources but all 1800+ sources.
ANALYZE :   Risk Analyst  performs  Natural Language Processing (NPL)  and sentiment analysis to give you actionable insights on the data. You can  create Rules to see relevant alerts and customized Scores to assess the business.
VISUALIZE :  Risk Analyst provides data  in a powerful and  easy to understand dashboard.  You can drill-down to see the detailed information or just make use of  of the top level visualizations  for quick decisions.
LEARN :   Risk Analyst learns from feedback. We added a bit of Machine Learning so your Risk Analyst learns and grows with you. The more you teach the more Risk Analyst can help you with decisions.
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