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Risk Analyst - Your Virtual Underwriting Assistant

Intellect Risk Analyst

Risk Analyst is insurance industry's first-ever virtual underwriting assistant offered by Intellect SEEC. It was developed with a vision to transform underwriting process by better risk assessment. Risk Analyst uses its proprietary technology powered by  big data and artificial intelligence  to deliver valuable insights about a business to commercial insurers in a matter of minutes. It takes the non-value added tasks out of your daily work so that you can concentrate on high value work items.

Designed by underwriters, data scientists, big data professionals and software technologists, the tool is available on the cloud (as a standalone offering) or as a part of our Intellect Underwriting Workstation. It arms users  with unprecedented insight to improve loss ratios and increase profitability.


Intellect SEEC

  We innovate to simplify insurance Intellect SEEC, the insurance software division of Intellect Design Arena, provides an extensive portfolio covering distribution, underwriting and claims. Intellect SEEC has been developing innovative insurance solutions to lower operating costs and increase premium volumes and margins for the last two decades. Over the last 25 years, the company has built strategic relationships with major insurance carriers in America, Canada, United Kingdom, India and the Far East. Intellect SEEC builds its innovative, low-cost solutions on a firm belief that while the underlying business and technology of insurance are complex, their application should not be. Visit us at www.intellectseec.com
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