What is Risk Analyst ?

Risk Analyst is the only AI  based risk discovery and assessment software for the commercial insurance industry.


Make better decisions with the insights created for you

Company Analysis

View relevant data and get alerts about the company from internal and external sources including financial and operations, competitors, legal filings, industry and association.

People Analysis

Gather Social Intelligence using big data; get a comprehensive picture of a person’s profile and relevant alerts based on analysis of key people associated with a business and its legal filings.

Insured Item Analysis

Find relevant insurance details about individuals or businesses like Worker's Compensation, Commercial Auto , Commercial Property, General Liability and BOP and get relevant alerts for a given location.


The simple and easy to use tool that accelerates decision making


Why You Need It

Gain 10x more benefits with the most advanced risk analysis platform in insurance


    • Save time spent on  searching and aggregating data
    • Focus on items that need attention with alerts
    • Scores so you only have to look at the bad policies
    • Faster turnaround for agents


    • Find bad risk in your portfolio using third-party data
    • Validate data in your portfolio in minutes
    • Refer high risk policies to your underwriters
    • Discover new underwriting and rating factors


    • Enter just the company name to discover risks
    • Improve results by teaching Risk Analyst
    • Create your own rules and scores
    • Simple and intuitive interface

How it works

Risk Analyst creates meaningful insight by analyzing data from 1800+ sources using big data, artificial intelligence, underwriting rules and risk predictors.



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per month
  • 50 Reports Per User/Month
  • Favorites
  • Archive Reports
  • Standard Rules
  • Free Data Sources
  • Tagging/ Feedback Content
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  • Access to Full API
  • Connection to Internal Sources
  • Customized Alert Words
  • Private Cloud
  • and more


Like what you have seen with our Free or Platinum versions? That’s just a start. Imagine what Risk Analyst can do wired up to your internal data. Get more value for your company with Risk Analyst Enterprise Edition

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